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  • SS B5 - A New Hat for SPs: Formalizing SPs as "Facilitators of Learning"

    Monday, June 15, 2015 3:00 PM - Monday, June 15, 2015 3:15 PM

    • Temple West, Eastern Virginia Medical School ;
    • Alba Woolard, Eastern Virginia Medical School ;
    • Lorraine Lyman, Eastern Virginia Medical School ;
    • Amelia Wallace, B.M., Eastern Virginia Medical School

    A New Hat for SPs: Formalizing SPs as "Facilitators of Learning"

    Snapshot Introduction

    When we train SPs to give feedback, we are training them in a hidden role as facilitators of learning. By bringing awareness to some of the communication techniques and interpersonal skills used in feedback, some SPs can begin to consciously function as facilitators for a variety learning contexts.

    Snapshot Rationale

    Training SPs to take on additional facilitative roles allows them to recognize and develop their professional identity. Creating a pool of trained facilitators allows SP programs to maximize resources, meet some expanded needs of new clients, and increase SP longevity through greater learning opportunities.

    Snapshot Presentation Description

    We will discuss qualities of strong SP facilitators, methods used to train SP facilitators, and some contexts in which we’ve used SPs as facilitators.

    Snapshot Discoveries

    By maximizing SPs as a resource, we are able to expand our client base, as well as offset some of the trainer responsibilities.