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  • W 04 - Edu-Speak: Basic Education Principles for Beginner Simulation Educators

    Monday, June 15, 2015 9:00 AM - Monday, June 15, 2015 10:30 AM

    • Mary Ellen Elias, MSN, VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System ;
    • Jo-Anne Suffoletto, MD ACOS/E , VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System ;
    • David Eibling, MD, VA PIttsburgh Healthcare System

    Edu-Speak: Basic Education Principles for Beginner Simulation Educators

    Workshop Overview

    Simulation education is rooted in solid adult learning principles. This introductory education workshop exposes new educators to:

    1. the basic language and core principles of educational theory with a focus on adult learning principles and
    2. Kern’s Six-step approach to curriculum development in medical education.

    Attendees will work in small groups throughout the workshop and gain hands-on experience:

    1. editing and developing educational goals and objectives and
    2. matching learning objectives to measurements/assessments.

    Workshop Rationale

    The use and intergration of Standardized Patients in to simulation programs and educational curriculum has grown significantly over the past decade. This increase has created the expectation that Standardized Patient educators have a thorough knowledge of adult learning theory and curricular development. New or inexperienced educators frequently experience difficulty in the writing and development of program goals and valid learning objectives. An understanding of adult learning principles and the use of clearly defined learning objectives are essential for the development of a successful program. This workshop is designed to expose beginning educators to the basics of adult learning principles, development of goals and objectives and the steps of curricular development.

    Workshop Objectives

    Upon completion of this workshop the learner will:

    1. Identify the adult learning principles that form the foundation of simulation education.
    2. Describe Kern's six-steps of curricular development.
    3. Utilize Bloom's taxonmoy to edit and develop learning objectives.

    Workshop Planned Format

    This workshop will begin with a brief poll of participants’ teaching experience and teaching settings using an audience response system. Faculty will give an introductory overview of Knowles’ six principles of adult learning and Ericsson’s theory of deliberate practice. Participants will break up into small groups and discuss how they can utilize simulation as a teaching modality that leverages these adult learning principles. The ideas and discussion themes from each small group will be shared in the larger group. There will be two small group breakout sessions during this presentation.